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Yuto is a Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry 👨‍🔬 at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), supervised by Prof. Richard B. Kaner. Yuto has been working on energy storage materials (8 first-author papers and 3 awards at international conferences)

Recent awards include “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia” and “Innovators Under 35 Japan by MIT Technology Review.”

Keywords: #Energy Storage #Carbon Science #3D Printing #Nanotechnology #Biomass







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(2023.5) I was selected as one of the “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list” – class of 2023 in Healthcare and Science category.

(2023.5) I was awarded “2023 Ralph and Charlene Bauer Awards.”

(2023.3) I received Student Scholarship Award at “International Battery Materials Association (IBA) 2023” and presented my work on Si anode for lithium-ion batteries. I took a photo with a nobel-prize winner for LIBs, Dr. Akira Yoshino, and prof. Kanno.

(2022.12) I was selected as one of the “Innovators Under 35 Japan” by MIT Technology Review! Thank you for your support!

(2022.6-9) I did internship as a battery process engineer at Applied Materials in Santa Clara! I’ve learned a lot through developping the scalable, high-volume manufacturing roll-to-roll solution that provides customers with high-quality lithium metal anodes. (link)

(2022.5.8-13) I attended 2022 MRS Spring meeting in Hawaii. I presented my recent work on a 3D printing battery. See you there! (link)

(2022.3.10) My recent work entitled “Macro- and Nano-Porous 3D-Hierarchical Carbon Lattices for Extraordinarily High Capacitance Supercapacitors” is published in Advanced Functional Materials!

(2022.3.10) My recent work entitled “Are Redox-Active Organic Small Molecules Applicable for High-Voltage (>4 V) Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes?” is published in Advanced Science!

(2022.3.10) My recent work entitled “Series module of quinone-based organic supercapacitor (> 6 V) with practical cell structure” is published in Scientific Reports!

(2022.3.20-24) I attended 2022 ACS Spring meeting in San Diego. I presented my recent work on a 3D printing supercapacitor. See you there!

(2021.11.28) I received an Excellent Poster Award at 2021 Organic Battery Days!

(2021.11.25-28) I will attend 2021 Organic Battery Days in Tokyo (online). I will present my recent work on a High-Voltage (> 4 V) Organic Battery. See you there!

(2021.9.13) My new work entitled “Synthesis of unused-wood-derived C-Fe-N catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction by heteroatom doping during hydrothermal carbonization and subsequent carbonization in nitrogen atmosphere” was published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A .

(2020.9.17) My work on Sodium-ion battery “Rational Route for Increasing Intercalation Capacity of Hard Carbons as Sodium‐Ion Battery Anodes” was published in ChemSusChem.

(2019.10.7) My work on organic battery “Quinone-Based Redox Supercapacitor Using Highly Conductive Hard Carbon Derived from Oak Wood” was published in Advanced Sustainable Systems.

(2021.11.20) EducationUSA主催「アメリカ留学経験談 ~理工系分野~」にて留学経験を発表しました.

(2021.6) 船井情報科学振興財団のHPに留学報告「UCLA博士課程 1 年目を日本で終えて」を掲載いただきました.

(2021.5.18) Liiga by 外資就活ドットコムにて「UCLAに行けない!? 日本で送ることになった大学院生活の実態――米国大学院進学への道(2)」が掲載されました.

(2021.4.4) YouTubeに日本からアメリカへのオンライン博士留学の様子をまとめました「オンライン大学院留学のリアルな1日に密着!~カリフォルニア大学ロサンゼルス校~)」.

(2021.2.7-26) XPLANE Podcast 「『オンライン留学』にまつわるエトセトラ(計4回)」にて”オンライン留学”についてお話させていただきました.

(2020.12) 船井情報科学振興財団のHPに留学報告「UCLA 最初の学期 in JAPAN」を掲載いただきました.

(2020.8.26) Liiga by 外資就活ドットコムにて「米国大学院進学への道というタイトルで連載させていただきました.

(2020.7.12) 海外大学院留学説明会2020@東北大学の責任者を務めさせていただきました.(説明会の様子はYouTubeに上がっています.)

(2020.6) 船井情報科学振興財団のHPに留学報告「留学先決定に至るまでの経緯」を掲載いただきました.

(2019.12) アメリカの化学系大学院(博士課程)の受験ノウハウをまとめました.

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